Rockland NetwoRx is a company designed specifically to cater to the home user and the small business owner’s IT needs.  Based in Rockland County, NY we specialize in serving the surrounding area with Local Personalized Service.

With over 17 years of IT Experience, we are confident that we can provide you with the most comprehensive and cost effective solution, whatever your needs.  No “upselling” or “double-talk”, we break down the barriers so as to help you understand your current systems and offer you realistic and cost effective solutions so you can make the right decisions for your personal or business needs.

We specialize in presenting and providing affordable solutions to the growing demand for home or business technical services without investing in a full-time IT Department.

With an extensive list of services, we are sure Rockland NetwoRx can assist you!

Our goal is to provide dependable and informative services to those who do not have time to deal with the constant changes in technology.